Guide for Applying for Interconnection and the Solar Solutions Incentive Program

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  1. GWP customer choose a contractor,identifies system needs, and completes system design. For a list of pre-qualified contractors visit the Database of Solar Installers, Contractors, and Retailers in California.
  2. Customer or contractor submits a Solar Solutions Incentive Application through PowerClerk. The following documents will need to be submitted with the application:

    • Executed Interconnection Agreement (IA). Click here for the Net Energy Metering Resolution.
      • The proposed system size should be intended primarily to offset part or all of the customer's own electrical requirements. GWP uses 110% of the customer's kWh usage of the past 12 months to establish the customer's anticipated annual load. This kWh figure is compared to the estimated production of the proposed PV system. The estimated production of the PV system is calculated by Power Clerk.
    • Executed Election Form.
    • Executed Purchase or Lease agreement.
    • Site Diagram showing the physical relationship of the significant electrical components of the Generating Facility (+ Energy Storage optional) such as modules, inverters, transformers, and control panels, the Customer's loads and the interconnections with GWP's Distribution System Diagram that must show the approximate location of all major electric components.
    • One Line Diagram showing the electrical relationship and descriptions of the significant electrical components such as the metering equipment, panel boards, solar panels, inverter(s), AC Disconnect(s), solar meter,circuit breakers, and Energy Storage equipment (if applicable) with operating voltages, capacities, and protective functions of the Generating Facility. For GWP’s photovoltaic requirements, see MTR-DWG-009. For additional information, please contact GWP Engineering at 818-548-3921.
    • Shading analysis report for all installations. This requirement may be waived on the condition that a copy of a disclosure statement is provided to the customer and program administrator that identifies existing trees on the site and adjoining sites that are smaller than 50 feet, which may cast potential future shade that would reduce future system performance.
    • Data Sheets for inverter and panel.
    • Photograph of the location where PV meter and/or ES meter will be installed. Photograph should include the wall, entire surrounding area, and all applicable clearances; including the 3'x3' working space in front of the solar meter and disconnect.
    • Data Sheet for Energy Storage Device and switch/relay (if installing)
    • Energy Efficiency Audit - Click here for the Home Energy Saver Audit. Complete either the quick or detailed version of this online audit and print out the recommendations pages.
  3. Solar Solutions staff forwards the Interconnection packet to GWP Engineering.
  4. Solar contractor contacts GWP at 818-548-3921 to request a Service Spot (drawing of utility approved location for solar meter and AC disconnect), if ANY of the following conditions is true:
    • You cannot install the solar meter and AC disconnect per the GWP Standard, “Distributed Energy Resource Specifications” (DERS).
    • The property has more than one service meter.
    • The property is commercial or multi-residential.
    • You are upgrading/replacing the main service panel.
    • You are installing the DG breaker (solar breaker) on a load center located inside a building/room.
    • The existing main service panel contains NO load center.
    • You are submitting an energy storage system (battery backup) NOT consistent with the GWP approved diagrams located here.

    If NONE of the above conditions is true, you may proceed without a Utility Service Spot drawing by incorporating the DERS into your two sets of Solar Plans for permitting. The DERS must be printed onto a page with your company Title Block (same as all other plans submitted for permitting). Please note that you are responsible for ensuring all conditions on the DERS can be met without a Utility Service Spot drawing from GWP.

  5. If applicable, GWP Engineering staff visits property and creates a solar meter spot drawing. (1-3 weeks)
  6. In the meantime, GWP Engineering forwards the Interconnection Agreement to the General Manager for approval.
  7. After the Interconnection Agreement is approved, GWP Engineering emails the DERS or the meter spot drawing to the solar contractor on record.
  8. GWP Engineering forwards the approved Interconnection Agreement to Solar Solutions staff.
  9. Solar Solutions staff uploads the IA to PowerClerk and sends out a notification email to the customer and contractor stating that the IA has been approved.
  10. Subsequently, Solar Solutions staff changes the project status to "Incentive Reservation Issued" and makes the Incentive Claim Form and Payment Information Form available.
  11. Solar contractor incorporates the DERS or the solar meter spot drawing and photograph, into the solar plans and ensures that their solar plans are consistent with GWP’s DERS or solar meter spot drawing.
  12. Solar contractor takes two sets of solar plans to GWP Engineering.
  13. GWP Engineering approves the two sets of solar plans and provides a Solar Energy Worksheet (permit application) over the counter.
  14. Solar contractor submits the Solar Energy Worksheet and the approved solar plans to the Building and Safety Department (B&S). For information regarding the Solar Energy Permit process and requirements, please call Building and Safety at (818) 548-3200.
  15. Plans are submitted for the plan check process (including Building, Electrical, and Fire).
  16. Building, Electrical and Fire review and approve the plans.
  17. The Solar Energy Permit is issued by Building & Safety.
  18. Solar contractor installs solar system.
  19. Solar contractor contacts Building & Safety for an inspection by calling 818-548-4830. If the solar system is for a commercial property, or includes an Energy Storage system, the solar contractor contacts GWP Engineering for an inspection by calling 818-548-3920.
  20. After the inspection and final sign-off, Building & Safety notifies GWP Engineering that the solar system passed inspection.
  21. Upon receipt of inspection releases GWP Engineering submits a work order to GWP Field Services for the installation of the solar meter. (7-10 working days)
  22. Once the solar meter is in place an e-mail is sent to the solar contractor and the customer informing that the meter has been installed and the system can be turned on by the solar contractor or property owner.
  23. Customer or contractor uploads the following documents to PowerClerk:
    1. Executed Incentive Claim Form
    2. Executed Payment Information Form
    3. Paid Invoice
    4. Solar Energy Permit from Building & Safety
    5. Building Inspection Record showing date of Final Building Inspection
    6. Completed W-9 forms for parties receiving payment.
  24. Staff reviews the submitted paperwork and authorizes the incentive payment.
  25. Payees receive payment checks within 6-8 weeks after submitting all required documents to staff.

Note: Refunds for permit fees will only be paid to customers. At customer’s request, the incentive payment may be made payable to the contractor.

For questions regarding applicable solar credits, please contact the GWP Customer Service Department at 855-550-4497.