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Learn about your home's water use, see how you compare to nearby homes similar in size, receive leak alerts and learn ways to save money and water. Access your Home Water Report and sign-up for leak alerts.

Glendale Water & Power in partnership with WaterSmart Software, has launched a pilot of the WaterInsight Program to encourage more water conservation among residential customers. The program includes WaterSmart’s bi-monthly Home Water Report designed to provide 18,000 single-family residential customers with a more granular understanding of their water consumption, and help drive conservation among residents

By improving the efficiency of your water use, you can quickly benefit from smaller water bills, help maintain our reliable long-term water supply, and reduce future impacts on our local groundwater resources. We encourage you to be an active participant in the WaterInsight program. We are providing this service as an educational tool to help you understand your home's water use and to share ideas on how you might be able to save money. If you don't find this program useful, give us a call at 855-550-4497 and we can remove you from the program.

How the Home Water Report Works

The bi-monthly report and the companion online portal will help you to:

  • View and understand your recent water use in gallons and how it compares to similar, nearby households.
  • Find easy and effective tips to save water and money, with step-by-step advice.
  • Stay up-to-date on Glendale Water & Power water news and events.
  • Change your information in the portal so future reports capture the correct information for your household.
  • Have access to receive e-mail alerts if your water consumption indicates a possible leak.
  • Sign-up to just receive online reports

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For more information please contact us at GWPcustomerservice@glendaleca.gov or 855-550-4497.