Standard Water Service Rate

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Water Variable Charge: Is based on the amount of water used during a billing period. The chart below outlines how the water usage is divided into tiers, each with its own rate for residential and multi-family and single tiers for Commercial and Irrigation. Below are the Variable Charges effective July 1, 2018.

Monthly water variable charges
(consumption blocks)
Cost per hcf
Single Family

Tier 1 0 - 8 hcf $2.61
Tier 2 8 - 15 hcf $3.84
Tier 3 Over 15 hcf $3.99
Multi Family

Tier 1 # of units  X 6 hcf
Tier 2 All additional hcf

All Units $3.78

All Units $3.91

 One HCF (Hundred Cubic Feet) = 748 gallons