Electric Vehicles

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Clean Power = Green Future

As more of our residents are entering into the Electric Vehicle market, Glendale Water & Power has launched a new program that expands the electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure, making it easier for residents to charge their EV's. GWP is working to foster a seamless integration of EVs into the driving experience throughout Glendale while ensuring we accommodate the increase in electrical demand. 36% of all power in Glendale came from renewable resources in 2018 and GWP is planning to ensure that we achieve the state mandate to have 60% of all power from renewable resources by 2030.


Why Go Electric?

Electric Vehicles benefit both the environment and the economy. By using electricity rather than gasoline – a carbon-based fossil fuel – EVs produce less greenhouse gas emissions and reduce our carbon footprint. The cost on a per-mile basis for charging versus paying for gasoline is less than $1 per gallon.

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Glendale Water & Power Charging Station Rebate

GWP offers rebates of up to $500 for residential customers and up to $2000 for commercial or multi-family customers. For questions regarding the Charging Station Rebates, please email or call 818-551-3080. An electrical permit may be required if electrical work needs to be done to install a charger. For more information on permits, call the City's Building & Safety Department at 818-548-3200.

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Other Incentives

IRS Tax Credit Information
Federal tax incentives of up to $7,500 - Plug-In Electric Vehicle Tax Credits

California Rebate Program
Rebates of up to $2,500 - State of California Clean Vehicle Rebate Project information

Clean Air Vehicle (CAV) Decals
Eligible to ride in the high occupancy vehicle (HOV) lane - CA Department of Motor Vehicles

South Coast AQMD Replace Your Ride Program
Receive up to $9,500 to purchase a newer and more fuel-efficient vehicle (including electric vehicles) at a reduced cost in exchange for retiring your older gas or diesel-burning vehicles. Applicants can also choose to scrap their older vehicle in exchange for a voucher that can be used for public transportation including Uber, Lyft, ridesharing and vanpooling. - Click here for more information on this program

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Electric Vehicle Charging Locations


For additional charging station details, visit

For more information on where to charge, visit the U.S. Dept. of Energy charging station locator

Glendale Charging Station Costs:

Level 3
City Owned Charging Station
 $0.3359 per KWH 
Level 2
City Owned Charging Station

 $0.2033 per KWH

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Contact City of Glendale's Building & Safety Department at 818-548-3200 for questions and information on how to start installation of your electric vehicle charging station.

Charging type Voltage Charging time Equipment required
Level 1 120V 10 to 20 hr* None if plugged into your 120V socket - no installation required**
Level 2 240V 4 to 8 hr* Electric vehicle charging station, installed by a qualified electrician. Requires dedicated circuit from your panel**
Level 3 480V 20 to 30 min* Available only in retail settings. Currently requires separate plug than
Level 1 & 2 charging.
* Actual time depends on the car make, model, and size of battery
**Please ensure that the circuit breaker is properly sized so that it will not trip when you plug in your EV


Additional Resources

Drive Clean buying guide
EV models and specs


Frequently Asked Questions about EV’s & Charging Stations

Q: Do I need to install a charging station at home?
A: The charging station is only necessary if you desire to charge your EV at a faster rate.  You can charge your EV using the 120V socket which could take about 10 to 20 hours to fully charge your EV, depending on the car make and model.

Q: Is a second electric meter installed?
A: No. As of December 15, 2016, GWP no longer requires a second EV sub-meter for EV charging stations.
Q: How much money can I save by driving an electric car?
 A: The amount you will save using electricity instead of gasoline will vary depending on many factors including type of vehicle, price of electricity, price of gas, and driving conditions.