Glendale Fiber Optic Solutions Project

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This program is currently under construction and is not available

Program Overview

Glendale Water & Power currently owns and operates approximately 98 miles of dark fiber network within Glendale’s city limits. The majority of connections are for municipal communication systems with limited commercial access.

In order to meet increasing demand for fiber optic presence in the City of Glendale, City Council authorized the development of a Fiber Optic Business Plan. This plan is currently under implementation to provide improved commercial network infrastructure and necessary business organization required to expand the City’s operation as a provider.

As a result, we have temporarily suspended fiber optic leasing services. The length of the project is expected to be a minimum of 18 months. We plan to resume leasing services by July 2019.

For more information please contact Marcel Kouassi at 818-551-6931 or by email at


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