Clean Energy RFP Templates

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Clean Energy RFP Proposal Forms and Instructions

Please click here to access the Proposal Forms and Instructions. In addition to submitting the forms and information included in the Proposal Forms and Instructions document, Proposers must submit the applicable Excel Spreadsheets.

Excel Spreadsheets

The following templates are designed to fit many resource solutions on both the demand and supply side. It is expected that the Proposer will fill in the relevant templates for their Proposal. Blank templates will be assumed to be not applicable to the proposed solution. Proposers are required to fill in summary details of the proposed resource and information on project cost. GWP has also included a bid sheet for PPA/BOT projects, templates for Interruptible Load programs (aka Demand Response); solar generation (either behind the meter or front of the meter); a battery template (either grid scale or aggregated distributed batteries); and energy efficiency programs. If the proposed solution cannot be accurately characterized by these templates, please contact to request an adjustment.

Cost Summary - Required for all projects

Additional Costs - Required for all projects (Use supplementary worksheets if applicable)

PPA/BOT Bid Sheet - Required for PPA/BOT type projects

Interruptible Load - Required for demand response programs

Solar Template - Required for solar projects

Battery Templates - Required for projects involving battery storage

EE Example Templates - Required for projects involving non-dispatchable EE programs