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Where Your Water Comes From

Glendale Water & Power delivers about 9.0 billion gallons of safe drinking water to the City’s 33,500 customers. We continue to operate the system day and night with greater than 99.9% reliability. Currently 65% of our water is imported from the Metropolitan Water District and we produce approximately 34% of our drinking water from local sources, including groundwater. About 7% of our supply is from the City’s Glorietta wells and the Verdugo Park Water Treatment Plant. Each year we identify certain pipes that are in need of cleaning and relining or replacement to improve water quality, increase pressure and minimize leakage. In the next few years our focus will be on replacing aging pipes, cleaning and lining pipes to increase reliability in water delivery and also focus on new well development in order to rely less on imported water.

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PFAS in the News
Glendale Water & Power has been helping to clean-up the groundwater in the San Fernando Basin for almost 20 years as part of an EPA Superfund clean-up project called the Glendale Operable Unit. As part of the clean-up process a series of wells extract groundwater then send it to the Glendale Water Treatment Plant for clean-up to stringent drinking water standards. Various regulating agencies routinely ask GWP for assistance in monitoring remaining and new contaminants in the basin. Recently, the State Water Resources Control Board, Division of Drinking Water, requested that GWP perform additional sampling for PFAS in the wells used in the clean-up project prior to treatment. The treatment plant uses multiple technologies to clean-up the groundwater. One of the technologies is Granular Activated Carbon, or GAC for short, and this treatment technology removes PFAS and other contaminants. At the discharge from treatment plant, which is the point of compliance for drinking water standards and where the water enters the water system, PFOA and PFOS have not been detected. The Glendale Water Treatment Plant continues to be an important and successful project for maintaining and protecting Glendale’s local water supply.

Click here to visit the EPA website and find out more about PFAS, and PFAS in the environment.

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