An Overview of Options, Alternatives & Impacts – Medicare Retirees

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Futuris Care – Medicare Exchange Program

For Medicare Retirees, Keenan’s Futuris Care program offers a very robust and affordable health insurance exchange, with numerous highly affordable Medicare Supplement options depending on the retiree’s particular needs.  The Futuris Care program was introduced to Glendale’s Medicare Retirees in 2014 and has been well-received by those who have enrolled.  As with Keenan Direct, Futuris Care offers the resources, staff and guidance of the Keenan Associates team through the sometimes complex and confusing world of insurance .

With access to all major insurance carriers and an abundance of options, depending on the individual retiree’s specific needs and preferences, Futuris Care plans are subsidized by Medicare and offer extremely affordable Medicare Advantage, Supplemental and Part D programs.

The open enrollment for Futuris Care or any other Medicare program runs from October 15, 2015 through December 7, 2015, with an effective date of January 1, 2016.  Again, anyone seeking to change to a non-City plan prior to the June 1, 2016 unblended renewal, may enroll during this time frame.


Option to Switch City Plans

Additionally, Medicare Retirees choosing to remain on the City’s medical insurance plans can always switch to another City plan during the City’s usual Open Enrollment in April of each year.  An example of this would be moving from the Anthem PPO plan to the HMO or Kaiser, which are likely to be more affordable.  Appendix B illustrates the effects of switching from amongst different City plans.   


Continuation of Part A Reimbursement

The City will continue to reimburse eligible retirees for Part A Medicare costs as set forth in the respective Memoranda of Understanding, regardless of what plan is selected, including non-City plans following adoption of these changes.


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