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Highest Safety Ranking

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Glendale Is One Of The Ten Safest Cities (pop 100K-500K) In the United States

Glendale's safety is a result of the city's focus on education, community involvement, and superior quality of life. For more information go to the Police Department homepage.

  • Exceptional police responsiveness and crime protection.
  • Glendale is one of the nation's safest cities, consistently ranking in the FBI Crime Statistics' top 10 cities in the country.

Glendale's Fire Department has a class 1 fire rating for safety - only 7 other communities in California have received this designation. The Glendale Fire Department slogan, “Community First,” exemplifies the department’s commitment to serving the community and dedication to their profession.

Business Watch Program

The Glendale Police Department focuses on preventing crime before it happens. By getting to know the citizens they protect, police work with them to solve neighborhood problems and prevent crime. Crime prevention education and youth recreational programs get Glendale actively involved with law enforcement and give citizens a say in what is important to them and their community. For more information, please call 818-548-4015.

Neighborhood Watch Program

Glendale has a very successful Neighborhood Watch Program in place to fight crime in partnership with local police. The program enlists the active participation of citizens to get to know their neighbors, recognize and report suspicious activity, and implement such crime prevention techniques as home security and posting of Neighborhood Watch signs and stickers in their neighborhood to warn criminals that "neighbors are watching out for each other."