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Destination Business Districts

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The City of Glendale has several neighborhood business districts. These unique districts provide the Glendale community with variety, convenience, and excellent services in a relaxed and welcoming environment. These districts not only offer excellent goods and services, they also host family oriented special events throughout the year, such as carnivals, car shows, and themed parades.

Active associations within these districts are instrumental in coordinating beautification efforts, special events, and acting as a communication link between the member businesses and with City Hall. The goal of the business and property owners of these associations is to improve their district and make the businesses more financial viable for the betterment of the area. The districts include the following:

  • Downtown Glendale

Downtown Glendale is home to a variety of unique specialty stores, fine dining, movie theaters, night clubs, and three live performance theaters: the Alex Theatre, Glendale Center Theatre, and A noise Within Theater. You will also find the nationally known Glendale Galleria.

Downtown Glendale Association Greater Downtown Glendale Association


  • Kenneth Village

Kenneth Kenneth Village Merchants Association 


  • Montrose Shopping Park

Montrose Shopping Park, Glendale’s official Old Town, is located along a park-like main street where very quaint shops and restaurants line the street. Montrose offers goods and services in a down home atmosphere.

Montrose Shopping Park  Montrose Shopping Park Association 


  • South Brand

Brand Boulevard of Cars Brand Boulevard of Cars


Auto Dealer Incentive Program- The South Brand Boulevard Auto Dealers and Agency staff has been working to implement several programs that assist the Dealers with strengthening and expanding their Glendale Dealerships. Efforts include assistance with permitting processes, vehicle storage, directional signage, and improvements to the physical ascetics of the South Brand Boulevard area.

  • Sparr Heights 

Sparr Heights Sparr Heights Business District Association 



Community Benefit Districts (CBDs)

The Glendale City Council has approved an ordinance that allows for the establishment of a special benefit district referred to as a Community Benefit District (CBD). A CBD is a community driven partnership with the City and aimed at improving the quality of life in neighborhood and mixed use commercial districts.

Much like Business Improvement Districts (BIDS), CBDs are a voluntary funding mechanism where following a voting process of those assessed and public hearings at City Council, either property owners, business owners, or a combination of the two are levied a special assessment to fund improvements and services that benefit their commercial district, local businesses and properties. In areas with mixed use developments, it could also include residential property owners. The funds and services are administered by an existing or newly established non-profit entity comprised of those who pay the assessments. For more information, contact the Economic Development Department at (818) 548-2005