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As Glendale continues to diversify, clusters become more evident. Like companies, brands, and missions bring together new business, retail, and residents. The clustering of healthcare, financial, and creative based companies has brought in high-paying jobs and individuals who want to live in the downtown. This lifestyle of living, working, and exploring all within a walkable area is conducive to the amenities sought by technology based companies. The inter-connectivity and user friendly atmosphere of Downtown Glendale is the ideal location to attract, and continue to cultivate a technology cluster.

This cluster has rapidly delivered some of the world’s most innovative and successful companies, prompting GEDC staff to investigate ways to attract tech companies to Glendale. Several companies in Glendale are already tech innovation leaders in their industries. For example Disney, Avery Dennison, and LiftOFF invest in accelerators and innovation centers to drive new technology forward.

Glendale Tech Strategic Plan

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In 2017, the City Council adopted the Glendale Tech Strategy.

The strategy is an in depth look at the current ecosystem in Glendale, our strategic advantages in relation to other communities, areas for improvement which the City has already begun to tackle, and ways businesses can continue to thrive in the city.

Glendale Tech Strategy (PDF)
Glendale Tech Strategy Presentation to City Council 01/24/2017 (PDF)

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Looking for State of the Art Tech Space?

The traditional office setting is changing. There has been a trend towards collaborative working spaces and more are popping up in Glendale. A recent article in Forbes points out that, "co-working's biggest advantage is the intangible part -- the sense of urgency, community and peer-to-peer learning." Read the full article here and see where you can find co-working space in Glendale:

Know of a co-working space looking to locate in Glendale? Call us at 818-548-2005 or email

Glendale Tech Week 2020

GTW Logo FinalThe City of Glendale’s Economic Development Division is excited to announce the 5th Annual Glendale Tech Week coming September 2020!

Last year’s Glendale Tech Week had over 5,500 attendees. This year, we expect to see even more participation from the tech community. Through talks, panels, site tours, happy hours and networking events, Glendale Tech Week 2020 will offer a fun, exciting and inspiring environment as we look to strengthen our innovative ecosystem in and around Glendale.

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Glendale Tech on Tap

TOT Square 3You can raise a glass to tech with our monthly meet-up series Tech on Tap, the fourth Wednesday of each month from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. where techies and entrepreneurs discuss the latest technological innovations in a social and open environment.

To learn more about Glendale Tech on Tap, visit our Meetup page.