Our Motto, Mission, Values & Vision

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Our Motto

Community First
Our Mission
The mission of the Glendale Fire Department is to protect life and property by providing the highest level of service to the community.
Our Values
  • Excellence in Service – In Everything We Do
  • Integrity – Maintain the Community’s Trust: Citizens First
  • Approachability – Our Door Is Always Open
  • Respectful – To Those We Serve and Each Other
  • Communication – Actively Listening and Sharing: Who We Are and What We Do
  • Professionalism – Maintaining the Highest Standard While Seeking Improvement
Our Vision
  • That we are widely recognized as a department which demonstrates excellence in the delivery of its services.
  • That we honor our community’s trust by demonstrating our commitment to duty.
  • That we strive to continually improve services and programs to the community, ensuring they are made available and are clearly understood by our stakeholders.
  • That we proactively identify and analyze our community’s risks, thereby maintaining an efficient response model.
  • That we build strong relationships and consistent collaboration with our regional partners and support agencies.
  • That our internal culture reflects a diverse, respectful and professional atmosphere, nurtured by cooperative and evolving internal communication processes.
  • That comprehensive training, employee development and succession planning will ensure the future success of our fire department.
  • That we effectively manage our resources and utilize technology to continually improve our programs.
  • That our leadership and workforce will hold one another accountable for honoring our mission and values, while continuously striving to reach our goals.
  • That the Glendale Fire Department will consistently exceed the expectations of our community.
  • Goal 1: Develop and implement Standard Operating Guidelines for all hazards and risks within Glendale.
  • Goal 2: Develop an operationally efficient Pre-Incident Planning Program.
  • Goal 3: Develop a recruitment, career development and succession planning strategy.
  • Goal 4: Develop a Workload Analysis for every classification and program for the purpose of prioritizing work load distribution.
  • Goal 5: Develop an operating guideline for communication and operational standards for successful automatic and mutual aid responses.
  • Goal 6: Establish a physical resource plan to provide for scheduled maintenance and replacement of facilities and apparatus.
  • Goal 7: Define the mission and evaluate the effectiveness of our current community education program, and identify areas for improvement.
  • Goal 8: Develop a periodic process to evaluate and improve the efficiencies of the fire department data management and file sharing systems.