Emergency Operations Center

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The City of Glendale is very fortunate to have its own Emergency Operations Center (EOC). It serves as the situation analysis and incident support system for large scale emergencies and major disasters. During an emergency or disaster it is important to have a centralized location where information gathering, response actions, and decision making are coordinated.

The City of Glendale Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is activated whenever there is a need to coordinate the emergency response of city departments, government agencies and volunteer groups in response to emergencies, disasters or other significant events. It is activated upon order from the City Manager's office or by certain other designated city officials. The level of EOC staffing will vary with the specific emergency situation. Designated personnel report to the EOC through an activation paging system. The EOC is a secured facility where all city responders must check in with appropriate credentials in order to receive EOC identification. 

The EOC occupies over 1,400 square feet and includes dedicated telephones, computers, radio terminals, conference rooms, restrooms and office areas. There is sufficient emergency power to support all primary EOC operations. The EOC is equipped with emergency meals, drinking water, and a limited supply of cots and blankets to support extended operations.