Hazardous Waste Treatment Tiered Permit

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If a business treats the hazardous waste they generated, by altering its physical, chemical, or biological state; the business would need a tiered treatment permit. Business which would treat their hazardous waste may include plating shops, photo developers, metal etching shops, acid or alkaline chemical mixers, etc. Treatment methods include precipitation, evaporation, absorption, phase separation, distillation, neutralization, etc.

If the business does not treat their waste on-site (someone else comes and picks the waste up), the business does not need a tiered permit, but they do need a Generator Permit.

The permit fees for hazardous waste treatment are based on the treatment tier.

  • Permit by Rule (PBR)
  • Conditional Authorization (CA)
  • Conditionally Exempt (CE) which includes:
    • Cond. Exempt - Small Quantity Treatment (CESQT)
    • Cond. Exempt - Specified Waste Stream (CESW)
    • Cond. Exempt - Limited (CEL)
    • Cond. Exempt - Commercial Laundries (CECL)