Hazardous Materials Business Plan

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All businesses within the City of Glendale, as mandated by the California Health and Safety Code Chapter 6.95, are required to file a Hazardous Material Business Plan (HMBP) with the Fire Department.

Businesses which have hazardous materials on-site, or above five (5) gallons for liquids (include liquids, fifty (50) pounds for solids, or fifty (50) cubic feet for compressed gases, are required to submit a HMBP using the California Environmental Reporting System (CERS). A HMBP is also required if the business has on-site the applicable Federal threshold quantify for an extremely hazardous substance specified in 40 CFR Part 355, Appendix A or B, or handle radiological materials in quantities for which and emergency plan is required pursuant to 10 CFR Parts 30, 40 or 70.

Examples of common materials considered to be hazardous are all types of fuels (gasoline, diesel, propane), oils, paints, ink, solvents and any material that requires a Material Safety Data Sheet.

If a business makes any substantial change to their HMBP they must immediately notify the Fire Department and make the necessary updates to their plan in CERS. This would include any change to the quantities of hazardous materials on-site, any new hazardous materials on-site, or a change of business address, name or ownership.

Click the link below to download the HMBP forms. You will need Adobe Acrobat to view these forms.

Hazardous Material Business Plan (With UST Forms)

Hazardous Material Business Plan (Without UST Forms)