Glendale Medic Membership Program

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Glendale Medic for Residents is a membership program that reduces medical costs with a low annual fee. This subscription service is available to Glendale residents. All other people in the household are also automatically covered, if they are related to the member by blood, marriage or adoption. This includes a ward, foster child, or registered Domestic Partner.

Glendale Medic is a voluntary membership program for paramedic services and emergency ambulance transportation. Every dollar received by Glendale Medic is used to improve your local paramedic system.

If you are a member and have insurance and/or Medicare, no payment will be required of you; however, your insurance and/or Medicare will be billed. Whatever is customarily paid by insurance will be considered as payment in full. If you do not have medical insurance, you will receive a 50% discount on your emergency ambulance bill. 

The Glendale Medic fee covers emergency medical services provided by the Glendale Fire Department. Your Glendale Medic membership is for emergency transports only, from a Glendale location to medically appropriate local area hospitals. Upon enrollment, a charge of $5 per month ($10 bi-monthly) will be added to your Glendale Water & Power (GWP) bill. Your membership will remain active unless you call to cancel or you notify us of your relocation. 

Glendale Medic for Businesses provides unlimited use of Glendale Fire Department’s emergency medical system for registered employees whenever they are in Glendale, whether they are at work or play. Cost is $60 per year for 1-10 employees (full-time or part-time), and $24 per year for each additional 10 employees (or portion thereof).

For more information regarding Glendale Medic and how to join:

 Please make all checks payable to the City of Glendale.  Thank You!



For more information, call (818) 548-4041.