Property Tax

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Property tax is an ad valorem tax (based on value) imposed on real property (land and permanently attached improvements such as buildings) and personal (movable) property. Proposition 13 adopted by the California voters on June 6, 1978, created a comprehensive system for the assessment and limitation of real property taxes.  Proposition 13 limits the property tax rate to 1% of the property’s full value plus overriding rates to pay specifically approved voter indebtedness. The City of Glendale receives about 13.5 cents for every $1 paid in ad valorem property taxes.

Property taxes are just one portion of the City's General Fund Revenues. For more information, see the Resources & Appropriations section of the City's Current Budget.

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Property taxes are administered by the County of Los Angeles.  For assistance call 213-974-2111 or 888-807-2111, on the web at:

Annual Property Tax Summaries