Verdugo Park North Master Plan

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NOTE: The Parks, Recreation & Community Services Commission will review and provide feedback regarding the Verdugo Park North Master Plan at its April 16, 2018, regular meeting which begins at 2:30 p.m. in the Council Chambers.

Community Outreach

As part of the continued master planning process for Verdugo Park, staff conducted a second community meeting at the Civic Auditorium on Monday, March 5, 2018, and presented three concept plan options to the community, for the renovation of the northern half of Verdugo Park..  We thank the community members who were able to join us on Monday, and value the input received.  For those of you who were unable to attend the community meeting, we would like to provide an opportunity for you to submit your comments and tell us which of the three concept plans you prefer. Please take a few minutes to review the PowerPoint presentation and three concept plans BELOW presented at the community meeting and submit your comments and input regarding this project to staff by April 6, 2018, by e-mailing your comments to

Our design consultant, David Volz Design, will work with staff to compile the feedback received to select the preferred concept for the master plan that will be presented to the Parks, Recreation and Community Services Commission during one of its regularly scheduled meetings.  If you would like to be placed on our mailing list for future information regarding this project, please submit your comments and provide your e-mail address for further notifications.

Verdugo Park holds a very important place in all our hearts and it is our goal to develop a master plan that accommodates the need for updated park facilities in a sensitive manner, and maintains the calm, natural environment of Verdugo Park. 

Please share this information with your members, colleagues, clients, customers, neighbors, and friends. Your continued partnership in keeping the community informed and involved is invaluable to us.  For more information, please call (818) 548-2000.


Verdugo Park is a 38.68 acre park which contains a large grove of mature sycamore trees, numerous oaks, and a young stand of redwoods. A small dry stream traverses the west side of the park which adds to the character of the site. It is classified as a community park and offers numerous amenities including one ball field, one multi-purpose field, four and one-half basketball courts, a skate park, two playground areas, two horseshoe pits and two field areas. Additionally, there is a food service building, group picnic facilities and community garden. Because of the parks unique setting, it is a very popular park for picnicking and playground usage particularly in the summer.

Project Scope

The Verdugo Park North Master Plan Project is inclusive of two different projects, the Verdugo Park Community Building and Restroom Project and the Verdugo Park North All-Inclusive Playground Project, which have been combined into one for master planning purposes to assure the best siting, adjacencies, and design compatibility with one another.  The project’s scope of services includes site analysis, community outreach and master planning services. The ultimate purpose of the Verdugo Park Community Building and Restroom Project is to plan, design and construct a new community room and restroom (approximately 2,000 - 2,500 square foot) where the existing 1,150 square foot restroom building sits. Other items to be considered as part of the larger project will include site accessibility, pedestrian circulation and minimal parking.  This project will accommodate day camp activities, rentals by the community, and other special community activities, and replace substandard restrooms. 

In addition to planning and designing the community room and restroom, the scope of work will also include coordination with Shane’s Inspiration (SI) for the Verdugo Park North All-Inclusive Playground Project, which will be designed and constructed under a separate Grant and License Agreement with Shane’s Inspiration.  Currently, the proposed location for the playground is west of the service road in the northern area of the park, the site of the existing playground.  The existing play equipment is in need of replacement and lacks accessibility.


Council has approved a budget of $3,825,000 for this project. $500,000 is budgeted in CIP funds, $500,000 in Special Revenue funds, and $2,825,000 in Development Impact Fee Funds.
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June 17, 2017 Meeting

Community Outreach Report

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