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by volunteering and supporting the following organizations and programs.

Historic Homes, Museum & Garden Docents

The membership-driven organizations listed below serve as docents to our historic homes, museums and gardens.  They are actively seeking new members and volunteers. Click here to learn more about the historic facilities.


Days of the Verdugos Heritage Association (DOVHA) serves as the docent group for the historic Catalina Verdugo Adobe. Its mission is to preserve the Catalina Verdugo Adobe and create a museum of educational and historic value, providing guided tours for the community and for future generations to appreciate.  They also organize special events, such as the Fiestacita and Easter Egg Hunt events, and special tours and activities for private groups. For more information on how to become a member or support DOVHA, please send a message to, or call (818) 243-3118.


Friends of Shoseian was founded to maintain and preserve the beauty and serenity of the “Shoseian” Whispering Pine Teahouse located in Brand Park. Their mission is to promote the Teahouse through various events and classes connected to Asian arts and culture. They are also currently raising funds to renovate the Tearoom. Visit to find out how to become a member and support the Shoseian Teahouse, or call (626) 390-0633.

Glendale Beautiful serves as the docent group for the historic Casa Adobe de San Rafael Museum, providing guided tours of the facility and organizing various events, such as the Fiesta de las Luminarias (Festival of Lights) and Christmas Open House. It also organizes the annual Arbor Day event.  To become a member or for more information, please call (818) 248-8151.

The Glendale Historical Society was formed in 1979 to save the Victorian era Doctors House from being demolished by moving it to Brand Park.  Today, this organization serves as the docent group of the Doctors House Museum continuing to create awareness of the city’s history and architectural heritage through many events, such as lectures and tours. They also advocate for the identification and preservation of Glendale’s landmarks and play a pivotal role in the historic districting process. To become a member or for more information, please visit, or call (818) 242-7447.

Friends of Rockhaven (A subgroup of the Historical Society of the Crescenta Valley)

Friends of Rockhaven was formed in April 2013 to raise awareness of the historic Rockhaven grounds by providing private tours and education. They also provide some maintenance of the grounds.  For more information and to find out how you can become a member and support the Friends of Rockhaven, please visit  You may also email them at or call (818) 248-1707.

Glendale Parks & Open Space Foundation

The mission of the Glendale Parks & Open Space Foundation is to nurture friendly, safe, clean, and well maintained parks and open spaces that enrich the entire community by inspiring recreation, education, and an enhanced quality of life. Their projects include the City’s Trails and Open Space Program, Walk on the Wild Side Nature Education Program, and offering opportunities for at-risk youth from the Glendale Youth Alliance to work in City of Glendale parks. They have also provided funds for the City’s “Club Maple” program for developmentally disabled adults and the Senior Services Program.  The Glendale Parks & Open Space Foundation is not membership-based, but organizes fundraising events, such as the Verdugo Mountains 10K Trail Run and Hike, Glendale City Golf Championship and Glendale Dodger Night. Donations are also welcomed. For more information or to learn how you can support the Glendale Parks & Open Space Foundation, please visit or email them at

Community Services & Parks Volunteer Opportunities


Trails and Open Space Program

The Trails and Open Space program consists of six elements:  the Restoration Program, Interpretive Program, Trail Maintenance Crew, Trail Safety Patrol, the Iris Gardeners and the GO! (Glendale Outdoors!) Program.  Since 2010, the City of Glendale’s Trails and Open Space program has been funded by the Glendale Parks & Open Space Foundation.  Due to budget cuts caused by the economic downturn, the City’s Community Services & Parks Department does not fund the program except for a limited amount of staff time each week.  The Department and the Foundation are actively seeking volunteers to help out with the Restoration Program, Interpretive Program, Trail Maintenance Crew, Trail Safety Patrol, and the Iris Gardeners. Click here for a description of the different elements of the Trails and Open Space Programs.  For further information call (818) 548-3795 or write to Ask to join the e-mail list to receive information about Trails and Open Space volunteer opportunities and activities.


Other CSP Volunteer Opportunities

The Community Services and Parks Department has a very active volunteer program. Please contact one of your local Community Center’s supervisors from the Volunteer Locations List to inquire about current opportunities.