Passenger Rights & Code of Conduct

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We respectfully request that all passengers keep our transit riding community in mind by observing the following code of conduct:

Passenger Rights

All Glendale Beeline passengers have the right to:

  • A safe, comfortable and clean bus.
  • Reliable service.
  • Easy access to schedule information.
  • Have stops announced at transfer points, major intersections, points of interest and other requested locations.
  • Be treated with dignity and respect by all Beeline employees.
  • Rider-to-rider courtesy as encouraged by the bus operator.
  • A prompt response to all comments and concerns on all transit issues submitted to Beeline.
  • Tell us about the quality of our service and how we can make your transit system better.

Passenger Code of Conduct


check markIn the interest of everyone’s safety and comfort, all riders must wear shoes or sandals and be fully clothed to board the bus. Passengers with extreme hygiene issues will be asked to exit the bus.

check markPlease be courteous to other passengers and refrain from loud or unruly behavior while waiting at a bus stop or while on board a bus.

check markWhen boarding, please remove headphones and put cell phone calls on hold, as the Operator may need to speak with you.

check markBe prepared to show proper identification to qualify to pay discounted fares.

check markOffer your seat to seniors or riders with disabilities.

check markAll animals, except service animals, must be in a pet carrier.

check markItems you bring on board must remain clear of the aisle at all times.

check markYou may use your cell phone on board, but please watch the volume and content of your conversation. Radios, cell phones, games and other electronic devices shall be listened to through earphones only.

check markSeats are for passenger seating. Please place your parcels, purses, backpacks, etc. on your lap or underneath your seat.

check markCarts and strollers are welcome on board but must not block the aisles or doors. They should be stowed in the wheelchair area if space is available and must remain under the passenger’s control at all times. If space is not available the passenger is required to fold and stow the cart or stroller. Carts with personal belongings must not exceed 30" tall, 18" wide and 18" deep and cannot contain loads that exceed these limits.



x markThe use of cigarettes, cigars, oral tobacco, electronic cigarettes and all other tobacco products is prohibited on all buses and at all bus stops within the City of Glendale. Smoking while waiting at a bus stop is subject to citation.

x markDrinking is not permitted on board, but you may transport non-alcoholic beverages on the bus in threaded, sealed, non-spill containers. Cardboard or foam cups with lids are not allowed on board.

x markEating is not permitted on board, but you may bring food along in sealed containers. if a customer needs to eat a small item due to a medical condition (such as diabetes), the customer should inform the operator of their need to do so upon entering the bus. 

x markPlease refrain from speaking loudly and from using profanity while on board. Disorderly and inappropriate conduct towards the bus operator or other passengers is prohibited.

x markFor the safety of all riders, everyday items like gas cans, car batteries, paint and anything combustible may not be brought on board.

x markOffering or soliciting money or the sale of any merchandise or service is not permitted.

x markAffixing or distributing a sign, placard, notice, advertisement, declaration or appeal of any kind or description is prohibited.