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Dial a Ride SeniorGlendale Dial-A-Ride
Glendale Dial-A-Ride is a local demand response paratransit program for seniors aged 65 and older and persons with disabilities of any age. All Dial-A-Ride vehicles are accessible and offer curb to curb service. 

Participants must register for the service and make reservations for their trips. For program information go to GlendaleDialARide.com or call our customer service center at 818-548-3960.

For those who have certain disabilities who are unable to use the fixed route bus system, the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) provides for complementary paratransit services. In Los Angeles county. These services are provided by Access Services, Access provides mobility for those persons who are not able to use regular fixed route transit services.

To be served by Access, a person must become certified as eligible. Eligibility is determined by Access based on several components which include an application, interview, and a mobility evaluation. To receive an application, please call 1-800-827-0829 (TDD 1-800-827-1359). For more information, please visit Access Services online at www.accessla.org.