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NextBus and Google Transit are great tools for anyone planning on riding the bus, even for people new to transit. Left without a car and need to get to work? A quick visit to either one of these resources will tell you when the next Beeline or Metro bus is scheduled to arrive, how long it’ll take you to arrive at your desired location, and where you can catch the bus.

NextBus is a tool that provides Beeline riders with real-time information that makes riding the bus easier.  No matter where you are - at home, in the office or out about town - riders can find out exactly when the next few Beeline buses will arrive at any particular bus stop. Passengers can access NextBus bus arrival predictions via the Internet or by text messaging. 


If you don’t know exactly where the closest bus stop might be or are unfamiliar with a route or the Beeline system, you can use the NextBus Live Map to get yourself oriented.  You can then select the closest stop and determine the location of your chosen bus, and when it’s expected to arrive.

There are many ways in which you can connect with NextBus:

  • Use your internet-enabled smart phone or tablet
    Use any internet-enabled phone to access a mobile friendly version of the NextBus webpage at
  • Use your desktop computer or laptop.
    Get live route maps and real time bus stop arrival predictions online at
  • Nextbus Text Message ScreenshotUse your cell phone to receive bus information via text message.

Send a Text Message to: 41411
Message: nbus glendale brand&broadway

Your message should always start with the words nbus glendale followed by:

  1. the name of the street where the bus stop is located (in this example it is brand)
  2. the symbol
  3. the name of the nearest cross street (in this example it is broadway)

For step by step details on how to use NextBus or how to set up other special user features like message alerts please visit

NextBus App for Android

NextBus App IconWhen riding the Beeline and Metro transit systems, riders are accessing NextBus data to easily track the bus schedule, and arrival times. NextBus is not only free, but also easy for riders to use as they simply need the new app for their smart phone or other mobile device to access the website with all of the routes and schedule information. 


From any bus stop, you can use this customer friendly interface to get both Beeline and Metro bus arrivals.  The technology is real time and will tell you exactly when the next buses will arrive at your stop.  With NextBus, you can determine exactly when to leave school, home or the office in order to meet the bus -- virtually eliminating waiting time.

Google Transit

Beeline riders can now use Google Maps to find bus routes, stops, and plan trips.  Although similar to NextBus, currently Google Transit estimates the bus travel time and arrivals.

FromTo Fields Googl maps

By visiting users can access the convenient interface Google offers to make transit use a breeze.  Here's how to use it:
  • Enter the correct information in the "From" and "To" fields on the top left corner. 
  • Click on the "Get Directions" button.
  • Select the bus icon google maps button on the top left to get public transit directions


Google Transit Map