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Printable System Map (PDF)
Access your own printable map showing all Glendale Beeline routes and bus stops. This map also shows Metro routes and bus stops in the Glendale Area.


Next Bus Screen ThumbnailLive System Map
NextBus provides a “real time” system map showing the buses and bus stops on each Beeline route.  Use this tool to find the bus stop nearest your pick up or drop off location. You may also use this tool to find out when the next Beeline bus is expected to arrive at your stop.

Google Maps Screen Shot

Bus Stops on Google Maps
Google Maps offers information about Beeline and Metro bus stops.

  1. Type the words "bus stop" in the search field for the map showing Beeline and Metro bus stops.
  2. Click on the desired bus stop to get information about bus lines and the next time they will stop at that location. 

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