Walkabouts bring people together to discover what's great and what's challenging about walking in Glendale. Determining walkability, or how walking friendly an area is, depends on several factors including, the presence and quality of sidewalks, traffic and safety conditions. 

What is a Walkabout?
A walkabout is a short walk that helps to identify challenges to walking on Glendale’s street. Volunteers receive a short training and are assigned to teams of 5-7 people. Under the leadership of experienced staff, each team will observe and document the walkability of select city streets along a 1-mile route. You will record your impressions of individual locations and the entire route. Teams will also be provided with cameras which can be used to document conditions along the way.

Your team will use a "Walkability Checklist," to capture what works well and what is difficult when it comes to:

  • sidewalks and alley widths,
  • crossing the street,
  • conflicts with vehicles, and
  • locations of street lighting and other amenities.

After the Walkabout, all teams will gather to share experiences and discoveries, highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of the pedestrian environment in Glendale.

What Happens with the Walkabout Findings?
The findings of the Walkabouts will be used to help develop the Citywide Pedestrian Plan, which will be complete in mid-2017. The Pedestrian Plan will outline priority actions that the city should take to make the streets of Glendale safer and more inviting to pedestrians.

What Do I Need to Participate in a Walkabout?
The only way walkabouts work is with community participation. We need your input and ideas; this is your chance to help identify challenges to walking in Glendale and help make Glendale safer and more comfortable for people walking.

If you plan to join us:

  • Wear comfortable shoes and clothing
  • Don't worry, we'll provide training and refreshments to keep you fueled!
  • Children are welcome, especially in strollers or wagons!

Contact Us
For more information or to register by phone, please call (818) 937-8333.