Bicycle Transportation Plan (BTP)

The City of Glendale embraces a vision for an active and healthy community, where bicycling can serve as primary form of transportation for residents and visitors.  The Plan works to integrate bicycles into the transportation system through improvements to existing bicycle infrastructure and policies that can create a significant cultural change, making cycling a way of life. This Plan aims to increase the safety and attractiveness of bicycling in Glendale.

  • BTP Implementation Map (pdf): This is a map of Glendale bike ways along with regional connections. Highlighting the various types bicycle amenities that are a part of the Bicycle Transportation Plan. The plan continues to be implemented as funding becomes available. 

Class 1 Bike Path:Provides for bicycle travel on a paved right-of-way, completely separated from any street or highway.

Class 2 Bike Lane: Provides a striped lane for one-way bicycle travel on a street or highway.

Class 3 Bike Route: Provides for shared use with pedestrian or motor vehicle traffic.

  • BTP Implementation Updates: The City's Public Works Departments leads the efforts to implement the Bicycle Transportation Plan in phases when funding is available.