Design & Preservation Section promotes high quality, excellent architecture, urban design and well-designed public environments that reflect community values, heritage and progressive design practices. We are responsible for developing and enforcing the City’s design policies, guidelines and historic preservation programs, in addition to providing professional design analysis and recommendations to the City’s design review bodies (Design Review Board, and Historic Preservation Commission).

Our team develops appropriate policies, guidelines and procedures necessary to ensure predictable development that is of a high quality, reflective of community character and assist in coordinating efforts between various City departments for a comprehensive approach to the overall built environment in the City.

What We're Working On

Downtown Specific Plan Amendments
South Glendale Community Plan
Small Lot Subdivisions
Space 134

Completed Projects

Community Corridor Survey
Downtown Art & Entertainment District
Downtown Specific Plan
North Glendale Community Plan
South Glendale Community Plan Historic Context

Contact the Team

Jay Platt
Kris Agardi