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Glendale Fresh Air Ordinance goes into Effect

The ordinance that prohibits smoking in many areas of the city became effective on November 6, 2008, and was amended to be effective on April 8, 2010.
Starting in January 2009, the Fresh Air Ambassador from Neighborhood Services has been visiting businesses, restaurants, and apartment owners to help them understand how the ordinance applies. City staff initially used a gradual approach to enforcement of this ordinance. When complaints were received, staff educated the parties involved and informed them about the details of the ordinance. As of April 8, 2010 enforcement has become more stringent; citations will be issued to those who violate the ordinance by smoking in an area where smoking is now prohibited. The ordinance prohibits smoking in or on:
  • The City’s property, including parks, libraries, city hall and more, except streets and sidewalks and in a "smoking permitted area" that the city may designate.
  • Common areas of multi-unit rental housing except within a "smoking permitted area" that the landlord may designate.
  • Common areas of condominium complexes.
  • Private balconies and patios of units in multi-unit rental housing and condominium complexes.
  • Outdoor dining areas of restaurants, except within designated smoking permitted areas that restaurant owners may designate, subject to regulations.
  • Publicly and privately owned indoor and outdoor spaces to which the public has access, including parking lots and structures, and within 20 feet of areas where smoking is prohibited.

Also, the ordinance requires landlords to provide disclosure to a prospective renter, prior to signing a lease, as to the location of possible sources of second-hand smoke, relative to the unit that they are renting. While not law, it is recommended that owner either make the building "smoke-free" or separate smoking units from non-smoking units as they turn over.

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