Requests for Modification or Accommodation

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Passengers with disabilities may request a reasonable modification of our existing service policies or procedures or a specific accommodation to the service based on an individual passenger’s particular needs.

Beeline intends to ensure access to our services, rather than merely making the service more convenient, when granting a reasonable modification or accommodation. While we will attempt to honor reasonable requests for a modification or accommodation, such requests will be denied if granting the request would result in one or more of the following:

  • Fundamentally alter the nature of the transportation service, program, or activity,
  • Create a direct threat to the health or safety of others,
  • Cause an undue financial and administrative burden on the City or its transportation service provider, or
  • Provide a change in the service to an individual who would still be able to fully use the services provided by the City if the change were not made.

Depending upon the nature of the request, passengers with disabilities may ask for a modification or accommodation either in advance or at the time of their trip.

Requests Made in Advance
Requests may be made in advance of a trip and will be evaluated by transit staff. They who will determine whether the request can be granted and inform the customer of their decision, along with any specific instructions, as expeditiously as possible. Advance requests may be made:

  • By E-Mail:
  • By Phone: 818-548-3960.
  • By Mail or In Person: 633 East Broadway, Room 300, Glendale, CA 91206

Requests Made at the Time of Service

If a request is made at the time of boarding or while the customer is on board a vehicle, the bus operator will contact their dispatcher who, if possible, will determine whether the request can be honored and will then relay their decision to the bus operator who, in turn, will inform the passenger of the decision. If a decision cannot be made on the spot, the customer may make a formal advance request as described above.

Complaint Regarding Denial of a Request for a Modification or Accommodation
In the event that a passenger’s request is denied, the passenger may contest the decision by filing a complaint. To do so, customers should contact the Glendale Beeline Customer Service Center:

  • By E-mail:
  • By Phone: 818-548-3960
  • By Mail or In-Person: 633 East Broadway, Room 300, Glendale, CA, 91206