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Glendale is a study in contrasts in terms of income levels and poverty rates. Although there are areas in the city where median household incomes exceed $100,000 per year, some Census tracts have median incomes of just over $19,000 per year.

Income map


The median household income for Glendale lags behind that of other local cities and even the County.

Median Household Income


1989 Income 1999 Income 2009 Income 
La Canada Flintridge $78,965 $109,989 $136,818
South Pasadena $43,043 $55,728  $82,340
Burbank $35,959 $47,467  $63,356
Pasadena $35,103 $46,012  $65,422
Los Angeles County $34,965 $42,189  $55,476
Glendale $34,372 $41,805  $54,677
Los Angeles City $30,925 $36,687  $49,138 

Source: U.S. Census

There are also significant amounts of poverty, especially in the Census tracts located in the southern and central parts of the city.

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