Find Zoning Information for a Property

Zoning is a classification assigned to a particular set of land uses. The zoning of your property can be found using our Property Information Portal or our Zoning Map.  Once you find the zone of your property, you can find what uses are allowed and the development standards (i.e., height, setbacks, parking) for that zone in the City's Zoning Ordinance.

Before You Start Development

Find out what you need before you start your development project and what services we can offer you to ensure your project is successful and compliant with City code. The Permit Services Center (PSC ) serves as the initial interface between the community and the department. Members of the community can come to the PSC with questions and receive consulting information.

Changing Your Windows? Get a Permit!

If you are replacing windows in your home or business, you need a permit from the City of Glendale Building and Safety Department. The only time you don't need a permit is when you are just replacing the glass in an existing window. See Draft Window Replacement Guidelines

Find Historic Information for a Property or Historic District

You can see if your property is designated as historic, if it is part of a historic district, and how to designate it as historic.

How to Submit a Planning Application

After talking with staff at the PSC, you may need to submit a planning application, for things such as design review, or to get an exception to the Zoning Code.  See our step by step instructions to help you through the process.

Obtain Online Demographic Information

Find information about population, household size, income and poverty, racial and ethnic characteristics, and future projections from the 2010 Census.

View Specialty Maps

See Maps that provide information about annexations, hillside slopes, homeowner associations, hazards, ridgelines, and special setbacks. 

Boards and Commissions

Our Boards and Commission members provide a valuable service to our City.  They evaluate development projects and policies and consider public comments at a public forum.  See the Boards and Commissions that work with the Planning Division and their Agendas and Minutes.