Downtown Mobility Study

The MOBILITY STUDY gathers under a single umbrella the full range of best-practices to reduce auto congestion and promote multi-modal transportation. Each of these - free bus shuttle, parking benefit districts, in-lieu fees, and transit-priority streets, among others - is tailored to the physical vision articulated by the Downtown Specific Plan.

Glendale Safe & Healthy Streets Plan

The Glendale Safe & Healthy Streets Plan is a collaboration of the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition and the City of Glendale. Our goal is to make Glendale a better, safer place to walk or ride a bike.

Bicycle Transportation Plan 

The City of Glendale embraces a vision for an active and healthy community, where bicycling can serve as primary form of transportation for residents and visitors.  Enhanced bicycle infrastructure coupled with supportive policies can create a significant cultural change and make cycling a way of life. This Plan aims to increase the safety and attractiveness of bicycling in Glendale, and increase the number of trips made by bicycle.

Circulation Element