The City of Glendale is committed to the preservation of its historic buildings, neighborhoods, and sites as part of its overall goal of planning for the future. By looking back and preserving key places that contribute to the shared history of all city residents - past, present, and future - we establish a framework that allows the city to develop, grow, and prosper without erasing the heritage that helps define Glendale and its people.

See Listing of Historic Properties

Listing of historically important sites in Glendale. Learn how to get your property listed, possibly receive a significant property tax reduction through the Mills Act, and conduct historic research.

Historic Districts
Information about Glendale's beautiful historic districts, how to nominate your neighborhood, and the design guidelines used to review projects in the districts.

Historic Preservation Commission (HPC)
HPC agendas, minutes, video archive of meetings, and commissioner information.

Historic Preservation Ordinances, Community Plan Historic Contexts, and Preservation Element
Legal and policy documents that support and define the city's historic preservation program.

Find out how to make historic preservation pay!

Glendale History
Browse through time in our ever-growing collection of materials relating to the city's history.

Historic Preservation Links
Other preservation resources at the local, state, and national levels.

If you have questions or would like more information, please contact the City's Historic Preservation Planner, Jay Platt, at either (818) 937-8155 or