Wall & Fence Enforcement

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Current Walls & Fences Requirements:

On May 31, 2005 the City Council re-opened the discussion of prohibitions against walls and fences in front and street side yard setbacks on residential properties. Although these fences are still prohibited, City Council adopted a resolution which modified their previous direction regarding enforcement for these violations, as follows:

  • All code enforcement action on existing illegal fences as of June 1, 2005 (not constructed of prohibited materials) has been temporarily suspended.
  • Any existing illegal fence constructed of prohibited materials (chain link, barbed wire, razor wire, fiberglass, chicken wire or fences that are electrically charged) must be removed immediately.
  • New construction of front yard walls/fences is still prohibited (except in the Horse Overlay Zone).
  • Any illegal walls/fences of any materials in front or street side setbacks constructed after June 1st must be removed immediately.
  • New construction of street side fences must comply with side setback standards and permits may be required.
  • All Notices of Zoning Non-Compliance will be removed.

A determination on suspended code enforcement cases and when or if walls/fences might be permitted is pending direction from the City Council, once a comprehensive study has been completed. Such considerations as neighborhoods, topography, public improvements, etc. will be discussed.

For more information on this study, please contact the Community Development Department at (818) 548-2140. For information on the status of a specific code enforcement case, please contact Neighborhood Services at(818) 548-3700.

Horse Overlay Zone Update:

Within the Horse Overlay Zone, commonly known as the Riverside Rancho area, City Council has authorized the construction of front and side setback fences with specific conditions. These requirements are intended to address the unique needs of horses within a residential zone in a manner that is conducive to the health, safety and welfare of the public. Section 30.21.040 of the GMC requires that:

  • Front/side setback fences must be located on private property and shall be at least five (5) feet from the back of the street curb and shall not exceed four (4) feet.
  • Electrically charged, sharp-edged, barbed wire, razor wire, chicken wire, chain link, fiber glass, plain smooth block or painted block is prohibited.
  • Landscaping is required between a fence or wall and a street.
  • Fences, walls, trellises and gates constructed prior to April 19, 2005 may exceed four (4) feet in height and may remain in their current location unless they are made of a prohibited material.
  • All fences, walls, trellises and gates must be maintained in good condition, free of rust and graffiti. Deteriorated materials must be repaired or removed.