Newsrack Regulation

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Newsrack Regulation and Maintenance

Neighborhood Services staff is responsible for the regulation of newsracks in the City of Glendale. "X-rated" publications rack1 are required to be vended or sold behind a staffed counter and may not be distributed via newsracks. The Glendale Municipal Code (GMC 12.36) establishes specific requirements for newsracks that are placed on public property. Some of these regulations include the following:

  • All newsracks must be registered with the City annually. Registration stickers must be placed on all registered newsracks, annually. Registration payments more than 30 days delinquent will result in those fees being doubled. If you are a distributor, please click here to register your email address with the City of Glendale, enabling you to receive newsrack updates electronically.
  • All newsracks must be maintained in good condition at all times. They must be in good working order, be clean and freshly painted, free of graffiti and extraneous markings and have a clear window (the Plexiglas must be clear, not yellow or scratched).
  • All newsracks must be constructed of metal. Plastic newsracks are prohibited.
  • No more than eight newsracks may be placed at any one location (unless otherwise noted for designated portionsrack2 of improved streets), and each group must be at least 200' apart from the next group of newsracks on the same block.
  • Newsracks may be placed in all neighborhoods.
  • Brand Blvd and the Montrose Shopping Park have specifically designated newsrack locations.

Contact Information

At least once yearly, every newsrack throughout the city is inspected for these requirements. Distributors are notified of any violations and must correct the violation(s) within fourteen days. If the violation is not corrected, City staff will abate the newsrack. Distributors may retrieve their abated racks upon payment of an abatement fee. For more information on this Code Enforcement program, contact Neighborhood Services at (818) 548-3700.