Home Occupation Business Permit Requirements

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  1. The business must have a valid home occupation permit issued by the Permit Center.
  2. Deliveries or shipments of product or merchandise to or from the residence are prohibited.
  3. No customers can visit the property. All customer contact must be done through the mail or done electronically. No flyers or signs which encourage customers to visit the property are permitted.
  4. No storage of product, supplies (other than office supplies) or equipment on the property.
  5. The business use must be secondary to the residential use of the property. That is, you must live in the house, and not just use it for a business.
  6. No signs advertising the business may be placed on the property, including the mailbox.
  7. The residence may only be used by the occupants. No employees of the business are permitted to work on the property.
  8. No activities are permitted which are out of character with a residential neighborhood.

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