Abandoned Shopping Carts

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The Glendale Municipal Code requires merchants with shopping carts to contain/control them on their properties.

  • Stores must install/implement an effective shopping cart containment system or control method. No more than five (5) carts per day may be removed for the method to be considered effective;
  • Stores must post signs informing customers that removal of shopping carts is a crime;
  • Stores must maintain a shopping cart retrieval service at all times;
  • In the event a cart has been abandoned and is abated by City staff, there is a $92 abatement fee per cart, if the owner chooses to retrieve it.

All Glendale stores choose which method of cart containment or control will work best for their particular store. This may include a wheel-locking system which stops the carts once they are removed from the parking lot boundary, or it may be a simpler method of control, in which employees monitor their carts, not allowing them to be removed from store property.

What should customers who use carts do?

  • Abandoning a shopping cart on the sidewalk or parkway is illegal. Shoppers must now use their own personal carts to transport their groceries home with them.
  • Personal carts can be purchased at several local stores from $15 to $35. For personal carts on-line, type in "personal shopping cart" or "portable shopping cart" into your web browser.

Contact Information

For more information, please contact Neighborhood Services at (818) 548-3700.