Every business with a physical location in Glendale, including subleases, is required to apply for and maintain a valid Business Registration Certificate (BRC). The BRC replaces Zoning Use Certificates (ZUCs) and Use & Occupancy Certificates (U&Os). BRCs must be renewed annually.

ATTENTION: If you are  California licensed contractor  and you wish to apply for or renew your business license please use the City Licensing, Inspection and Permits Portal (CLIPP).  

Here's how to  apply for a BRC:

  • File an online application with the City's application processing contractor HdL Companies at: glendale.hdlgov.com
    • When filing your online application you must submit the following documentation:
      • A copy of the lease (if applicable) showing the property address, individual leasing the space, and the square footage
      • If subleasing, a letter from the property owner stating that he/she is aware that a sublease is in effect. The letter should also include the square footage that is being subleased. 
  • Pay the current BRC fee:
    • First time applicants: $265.42;
    • Annual Renewals: $59.48.

For more information about BRCs, please contact HdL at (818) 551-4681, via email support@hdlgov.com or browse through our Frequently Asked Questions below.

Frequently Asked Questions:

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