What is the proposed Right to Lease Ordinance?

The proposed Right to Lease Ordinance will require Glendale landlords to offer lease agreements to all tenants. This will be applicable to all residential units in apartment buildings of five units or more. The ordinance requires an initial 1 year lease term offering, with a tenant option to renew for a second year, followed by annual 1-year lease renewal offers thereafter. The ordinance is intended to provide some assurance of stability under the terms of a written lease so as to minimize displacement and harm to tenants in a volatile rental housing market.


Status of Proposed Ordinance

The Glendale City Council discussed the proposed Right to Lease Ordinance as an extension of the Just Cause Eviction Ordinance at its regular council meeting on Tuesday, March 6, 2018 at 6:00 PM After careful consideration, debate, and testimony from members of the public, the City Council elected to not take any action on the proposed Right To Lease ordinance at this time. City Council directed staff to conduct additional outreach to stakeholders about the proposal with the hopes of possibly reconsidering this in the future.

Glendale Housing staff is available to make presentations about the proposed ordinance at stakeholder meetings. If your organization has an upcoming meeting and would like a presentation on the proposal, please contact us for arrangements.

For any questions or to schedule a presentation on the Right To Lease proposed ordinance, please contact Peter Zovak or Sipan Zadoryan at 818.548.3936.