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CA State Laws


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OFFER - Landlord must Offer a Lease with a Minimum Term of 1 Year to: Perspective Tenants and Current tenants whose rents the landlords wishers to increase.


The first time a Right to lease is offered under the new ordinance, the tenant has 14 days of being served to accept the lease or request relocation (if applicable) or else the offer is deemed rejected.


DECISION - Tenants can choose to accept or reject the offer made by the owner.


ACCEPTANCE- Tenant and Landlord enter into a 1 year lease. REJECTION - If rejected, landlord and tenant can enter or continue to month-to-month or other type of lease. Tenant can seek relocation before accepting or rejecting a lease if a proposed rent increase is over 7% in 12 month period. 


RENEWAL - 90 days prior to expiration, Landlord must make offer to renew another year. Tenant has 60 days to accept or seek Relocation for increases over 7%. RENEWAL for rejection, Landlord must offer 1 year lease to same tenant upon the notice of first rent increase after anniversary of rejection.


 Failure to offer a Right to Lease renewal shall render future rent increases null and void.


List of Exemptions to Right to Lease Parcel containing 4 or fewer dwelling units, Accessory Dwelling Units, Single Family Houses, Condos,Townhouses, Rooms or accommodations in hotels, etc. which are rented for a period of less than 60 days, Section 8 housing and/or other government subsidized units, Other limited circumstances.


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