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Relocation Assistance: Tenants are eligible for relocation assistance when a tenant elects to vacate a unit in response to a rent increase that increases the rent by more than 7% of the rent that was in place at any time during the 12 month  period preceding the effective date of the rent increase.

Tenant must request relocation within 14 days of service of Notice of  Rent Increase.Or within 60 days if on a Right to Lease style lease.

 Relocation assistance is triggered when a rent increase is  above 7% within a 12 month period.

Depending on the type of unit and income level, the relocation calculation may vary. Below you will find an easy to follow decision tree that will guide you to the appropriate calculation. Calculations are marked by a calculator symbol.

3 to 4 Units the calculation is 3 times Current rent, this image is marked by a calculator symbol.

 Relocation - ELI update 2020

If below 130% AMI and lived in the unit up to 3 years calculation is 3 x PR, if lived in the unit 3 to 4 it is 4 x PR, if lived in the unit 4 to 5 it is 5 x PR, if lived in the unit 5 or more years is 6 X PR. Marked by calculator symbol.

Failure to provide notice of relocation rights shall render future rent increases null and void.

Click here for a copy of a notice that must be provided by Landlords when they elect to increase rents above 7% within a 12 month period.

Click Here for a copy of the optional Request From that tenants can use to request relocation when applicable.



Units constructed after Feb. 1, 1995, Parcel containing 4 or fewer units, Accessory Dwelling Units, Single Family Houses, Condos,Townhouses, Accommodations in hotels, etc. rented for a period of less than 60 days, government subsidized units, Other limited circumstances.


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