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Just Cause Eviction - Just Cause Eviction is an ordinance establishing a requirement that termination of tenancy be brought for good cause and prohibiting retaliation for the exercise of designated rights.



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Full Text of Ordinance

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The following types of evictions requires landlords to provide relocation for assistance: permanently removing units from housing market, major rehab to unit, landlord move in, landlord compiling with Government order, condo or commercial conversion. Relocation fee equals 2 times Fair Market Rent plus $1000.

2019 Fair Martket Rents as established by US department of Housing and Urban Development are as follows 0 bed $1,279. 1 bed $1,517. 2 bed $1,956. 3 bed $2,614. 4 bed $2,857.

For Legal Advice Contact Housing Rights Center at 626-791-0211 or 1-800-477-5977 or Neighborhood Legal Services or LA County - 1-800-433-6251



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