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CA State Laws


When does the new Ordinance take effect and how does it impact my rent? The effective date of the Ordinance is March 14, 2019. However, on April 1, 2019, rents on all non-exempt units and units constructed  on or before February 1, 1995 must be rolled back to Base Rent levels  established by Rent Freeze Ordinance 5919. The Base Rent is defined  as the rental amount charged on September 18, 2018 plus any lawful rent increase up to 5%. Any subsequent rent increase that exceeds  7% of the rent over the last 12 months may be subject to relocation  payments. Additionally, the first rent increase notice after  March 14, 2019 must include an offer of a minimum 12 month lease.

What if I received a rent increase effective March 1, 2019?  If you received a lawfully served rent increase with an effective date of March 1, 2019, you are responsible for paying the new rent amount for the month of March 2019.

What if I am already under a one year lease? The terms of your current lease do not change. After an existing lease expires, if a Landlord is proposing to increase rent, then the Landlord must offer a new lease in conformance with the Glendale Rental Rights Program. Are rent increases capped under the new Ordinance? No, there is no limit to how much Landlords may increase rents. However, certain relocation payment requirements may be triggered for rent increase above 7% over a 12 month period.

How are multiple rent increases considered in relation to the 7% relocation trigger? Total rent increases cannot exceed 7% without triggering relocation. The 7% is calculated as the cumulative sum of all rent increases for the prior twelve months.



When is relocation paid? Landlords shall pay one-half of the relocation fee no later than 5 business days following receipt of written notice that the tenant intends to vacate the rental unit and one-half of the relocation  fee no later than 5 business days after the tenant has vacated the unit.

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