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On February 12, 2019, the Glendale City Council adopted Ordinance #5922 which expands the existing Just Cause Eviction ordinance by adding two new components. This new program is called the Rental Rights Program which consists of Right to Lease, Just Cause Eviction and Relocation. 

Click here to go to page with Right to Lease info. Landlords must offer tenants a minimum 1 year written lease at the time of a rent increase.Click here to go to page for Just Cause Eviction information. Just Cause Addresses the 12 legal reasons for eviction and other  issues relating to the termination of a tenancy. Click here to go to page for Relocation Assistance information. Tenants are eligible for relocation assistance when they vacate a unit in response to a rent increase of more than 7% in a 12 month period.

                                Right to Lease                                            Just Cause Eviction                                                         Relocation                                      

The following is a presentation briefly highlighting the Rental Rights Program.


Image of Armenian video Presentation. Image of Spanish video Presentation.

Click here to watch Video on Rental Rights in Armenian.  Click here to watch Video on Rental Rights in Spanish.

Armenian                                                          Spanish



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