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Incoming Portability Information

When transferring to the Glendale Housing Authority, you must comply with all City of Glendale procedures.
Here are some guidelines:

You must be determined eligible to move by your initial housing authority. The initial housing authority is the agency that is currently assisting you or who has given you the “Housing Choice Voucher.” If there are questionable items related to your eligibility, our office may need to re-verify the information.

The initial housing agency must send Glendale the following documents to verify your eligibility:

  1. HUD Form 50058
  2. HUD Form 52665
  3. Current income/asset/expense verification forms
  4. Verification of identity for all family members (birth certificates, driver’s license, etc.)
  5. Copy of your Voucher along with extensions

If you’d like to transfer your voucher into our agency, the following information should be provided to the initial housing authority:

Glendale Housing Authority
141 N Glendale Ave., Suite 202
Glendale, Ca 91206
Fax: 818-548-3724

Portability Contact:
Veronica Velarde

Your file must be received by fax, email or mail from the Initial Housing Authority. You may confirm that your file was received by calling our Customer Service Representatives at (818) 548-3936.

Once your file is received, an appointment packet will be mailed to you with an appointment date to meet with the Housing Analyst to complete your transfer into our agency. Appointments are scheduled within 14 days of the receipt of your file.

The unit you select must pass inspection before the housing contract can begin. Remember, you will be expected to stay in your unit for the initial 12 months so choose your new unit carefully. 

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