Payment Standard

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The Glendale Housing Authority uses the following payment standards and determination of voucher size:

Payment Standard

0 bedroom

1 bedroom

2 bedroom

3 bedroom





Determining Voucher Size

Voucher Size

Persons in Households




1 Bedroom



2 Bedroom



3 Bedroom



4 Bedroom




Explanation of the Payment Standard

The payment standard is a factor used in a calculation.  The payment standard is not how much the owner can charge for rent nor is it the amount the Housing Authority will pay.  The payment standard is a factor, which is used with your income to determine the amount of rent your new unit may cost.  Once you know the rent amount that you qualify for, you can begin looking for a unit in Glendale.  When you find a unit within the limit, we will be able to calculate how much you will pay and how much we will pay.

Our office will work quickly; however, the process of transferring between housing authorities can vary. The amount of time will depend on how quickly you and the initial housing authority can provide the required information. If you have already located a unit, the property owner may not be willing to hold the unit until this process is complete.

If you currently receive Section 8 rental assistance, it is important that you comply with the terms of your current lease and notify the initial housing authority when you vacate the unit. You should leave your current unit in good condition and owe no rent to the property owner.