Housing Section 8 Program

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Housing Choice Voucher Section 8 Program

The Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program is a federal program funded and administered by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The Glendale Housing Authority receives funding from HUD on an annual basis to pay for rental assistance subsidies on behalf of lower income clients.

The City does not fund the Section 8 program. The Glendale Housing Authority is authorized for 1,592 Section 8 Vouchers. In addition, the Housing Authority administers a total of approximately 1,500 vouchers from other housing authorities under the program of “Portability”. In total, the Housing Authority services over 3,000 vouchers consisting of low income, disabled, or elderly households.  Households are enrolled into the program from the Section 8 Waiting List.   

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Households are enrolled into the program from the Section 8 Waiting List. The Waiting List has been closed since January 2001 and no new applications have been taken. Originally, over 12,500 households applied for the program; to date, approximately 2,300 remain on the Waiting List.

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Housing Fraud

Public benefit programs, such as Section 8 housing, are vulnerable to fraud. Fraud hurts everyone. It weakens the public trust and confidence, and prevents the Housing Authority from assisting eligible families. The City actively pursues allegations of fraud. Suspicious activity can be reported to our office for investigation. Working as a team, we can remove ineligible individuals from receiving government assistance fraudulently. To report fraud anonymously, contact the Glendale Section 8 Fraud Hotline at (818) 548-6442 or via email at: section8fraud@glendaleca.gov.