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Peter Zovak
Assistant Director,
Community Development

Phone: 818-548-3936
141 N. Glendale Ave., Ste. 202
Glendale, CA 91206

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Multi-Project Affordable Housing Lottery Results:

Multi Project Affordable Housing Lottery Results by Lottery Number (FINAL)

Multi Project Affordable Housing Lottery Results by Priority Number (FINAL)


Vista Grande Court Apartments 

Vista Grande Court is a brand new 66 unit affordable apartment building for seniors in the City of Glendale. On Thursday, October 24, 2019, the Housing Authority of the City of Glendale and Vista Grande Court conducted an affordable housing lottery for pre-approved applicants. Applicants who received a lottery number were entered into the lottery. 570 numbers were randomly selected.  Below are results of the lottery sorted by priority number (the order in which numbers were randomly selected in the lottery) and by lottery number (the number assigned to applicants who were entered into the lottery). 

Lottery Results: 

Vista Grande Court Lottery Results by Lottery Number

Vista Grande Court Lottery Results by Priority Number


For more information on the new Rental Rights Ordinance that impacts Glendale residents click below:

Rental Rights Program - Click Here

Affordable housing is accomplished by developing, preserving, and administering affordable housing programs and projects for low income households. The vision is to ensure that all neighborhoods are quality livable places that are free of blight, where residents feel safe, and can access resources and services.

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