The City of Glendale has worked with Los Angeles County to develop a program for Glendale banquet halls to temporarily operate as restaurants until public health orders allow normal banquet hall operations.

To do so, banquet hall operators must complete the following:

Complete a Temporary Certificate of Occupancy (TCO)
This allows banquet halls to temporarily operate as a restaurant for a defined period of time with the same rights as an occupancy certificate (subject to certain conditions). A TCO certifies the banquet hall's compliance with applicable laws and building codes, indicating its suitability for occupancy.

  • Email completed TCO application to:
  • A City inspection is required before the approval and issuance of a TCO. The City has temporarily waived TCO fees. 
  • An inspection will be scheduled and conducted after the application is submitted.
  • TCO Application

Follow LA County Protocols
Businesses are required to follow the protocols set by LA County Dept. of Public Health. Protocols include physical distancing measures, such as limiting occupancy to 60% of prior maximums and limiting six people per table; workplace policies to protect employee health such as providing employees with required personal protective equipment; and measures for infection control such as cleaning and disinfection of menus.*
LA County - Restaurant Protocols

Have a Current Business Registration Certificate (BRC)
Banquet halls and all businesses with a physical location in Glendale, including subleases, are required to apply for and maintain a valid Business Registration Certificate (BRC). Operators must have a valid BRC for banquet hall use on file.
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Contact Us
For more information, please call (818) 548-2005.

*It is the responsibility of banquet hall operators to verify and implement the latest County protocols.
These protocols are as of June, 18, 2020 and are subject to change.