Community Development Block Grant Advisory Committee

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Meeting Dates/Time: Bi-monthly, Wednesday, 2:30 p.m.

Meeting Location: Council Chambers, 613 E. Broadway Ave MAP

Agendas & Minutes

Commission/Board Members Appointed By Current Term Term Ends
Zanku Armenian Sinanyan 2 April 2021
Noraier Ghazarian Agajanian 1 April 2021
Armik Avedisian
Gharpetian 1 April 2019
Lila Ramirez Devine 3 March 2024
Ronnie Gharibian Najarian 1 April 2021


Commission/Board Members may continue to serve beyond their term limit until such time that they or their successors are qualified and appointed (GMC 2.36.010 (C)).

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Each year the City receives approximately $3,400,000 in federal Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds from the Federal Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Funds are to be used to provide services to low-income persons and to revitalize low-income neighborhoods. Each year the City develops a plan for the expenditure of these funds and is required to involve citizens in the development and decision making process of the annual funding plan. To achieve this mandate the City Council appoints the CDBG Advisory Committee.


The duties of the Committee are to oversee an annual community needs assessment and determine funding priorities; evaluate funding proposals and make funding recommendations to City Council; and review performance and program revisions by funded agencies.


  • Five members
  • Four year terms
  • Three term limit
  • No compensation

Committee member seats are numbered. Each Council member is assigned a numbered seat and is responsible for nominating a community member to his or her assigned seat. Nominees are then appointed by a majority vote of the City Council.


  1. Each committee member shall be a qualified elector of the city of Glendale at the time of appointment and during incumbency and have an interest or knowledge of the community.
  2. No person shall serve on the committee if he or she has any decision-making authority in a community organization that applies for or receives funds through the community development block grant. Any participation by a committee member as a decision-maker in such community organization must have ceased at least thirty (30) days prior to the time of appointment and may not occur during incumbency. Alternatively, any community organization with a decision-maker that is also a member of the committee shall not be entitled to receive funds through the community development block grant as long as the member continues to serve in both capacities. For purposes of this section, any person serving on the governance board, e.g., board of directors, of a community organization shall be deemed to have decision-making authority in that organization.
  3. Elected officials may not serve on the committee.
  4. Active committee members are not allowed to serve on more than one board/commission/committee (as defined in Title 2 of the Glendale Municipal Code) at the same time.

Additional Information

The Community Services & Parks Department provides administrative support to the Committee.

Contact Board/Commission Members

Community Development Block Grant Advisory Committee c/o
Community Services & Parks
613 E. Broadway, Room 120
Glendale, CA 91206