Civil Service Commission

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Meeting Dates/Time: 2nd Wednesday of each month, 5 p.m

Meeting Location: Council Chambers, 613 E. Broadway Ave Map to meeting location

Agendas & Minutes

Commission/Board Members Appointed By Current Term  Term Ends
Kahren Harutyunyan Quintero  1 March 2024
Garo Ghazarian Devine  2 February 2020
Albert Abkarian *   Gharpetian  4 August 2019
Greg Astorian Agajanian 1 March 2024
Mark MacCarley Najarian 1 July 2021


*  Per Ord. 5904, one (1) additional term is granted beyond a third term (GMC § 2.36.010 (4)).

Commission/Board Members may continue to serve beyond their term limit until such time that they or their successors are qualified and appointed (GMC 2.36.010 (C)).

To contact Board/Commission members please click: here.


The Civil Service Commission establishes the rules and policies under which Glendale's merit system operates, insuring continuation of Glendale's reputation as a city whose employees attain and keep their positions on the basis of ability, training and experience, rather than political patronage. It also serves as a quasi-judicial body in hearing employee appeals against disciplinary actions such as suspension, reduction or removal.


  • Five members
  • Four year term
  • Three term limit
  • No compensation


Each member of the Civil Service Commission must be a qualified elector of the city of Glendale. Elected officials may not serve on the commission. Active commissioners are not allowed to serve on more than one board/commission/committee (as defined in Title 2 of the Glendale Municipal Code) at the same time.

Additional Information

The Human Resources Department provides administrative support for the Civil Service Commission. The Director of Human Resources and Employee Relations can provide further information concerning Commission issues.

For additional information, please see the Glendale Municipal Code, Title 2, Chapters 2.36 and the City Charter.

Contact Board/Commission Members

Civil Service Commission c/o
Human Resources
613 E. Broadway, Rm. 100
Glendale, CA 91206